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One of the best parties I had for one of my sons was a Watermelon Party which we had at a park which was on the beach. I learned a lot of things by having you as my sister:

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I know a lot of parents feel the way Josh and I do about not wanting to feed their baby artificial dyes, too much sugar, or even eggs just because it’s their baby’s first birthday. We wanted Lillian to get to enjoy a smash cake, but the only way we felt comfortable with it was to make it ourselves.
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Birthday Wishes for Your Loved Ones. When it is the birthday of loved ones, we always care to go a step ahead of what we are able to do and try to do everything for them.
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See today's coolest celebrity moms and check out their adorable celebrity baby names, pictures, and birth announcements from Us Weekly.

I love your birthday celebration philosophy! When youngest son was six, he received an invite from a school buddy to a birthday box party. When we got there there were stacks and stacks of empty boxes out in the yard. The parents who volunteered to stay were given box cutters, the children were given markers and masking tape. They were occupied for 4 to 5 hours and made a cute little box town. Son is 29 now and remembers this as his favorite party.

Cost was three rolls of tape, three markers, cake and punch. Frugal bebe looked awesome in her hand me down outfit, and congratulations on the frugal birthday!

Clothes were mostly acquired through family hand-me-downs, charity shops and playgroup swaps, school uniforms mean fewer clothes over all and no brand comparisons at school either , toys were acquired in a similar way, and activities mostly free. Not whining, we had a great time and were certainly better off than our parents who brought us up just after the end of rationing. When we did have extra cash we spent it on experiential gifts and vacations.

Our middle son was very ill when he was a baby. The fact that he made it to one year was a milestone that we wanted to celebrate — so we did. Will he remember it? It was a lot of fun and the pictures show a happy healthy baby and none of the heartache and effort it took to get him there.

To each their own, but a lot of these comments feel like judgement for doing it another way and we can never know the reasons behind some of the elaborate celebrations. Congratulations to you and your family for getting through a tough first year and having the party that you wanted to have. And ordinarily, we are very frugal. But that is the reason we are frugal so that we can afford to have the experiences for our family that we want to have. You remind us all that the party for a one-year-old is for everybody to celebrate, not just the baby.

We have always done home or park parties too. Except the year I was in the hospital for six weeks and dying before that- my husband did a joint party place party for the becoming four and six year olds. The party place was expensive but took care of everything and my husband was out of cope. The kids liked their party but liked having home parties with as many kids as they wanted more. And to someone who didnt know your story you would be fodder for the comments — this was my point.

We are not talking a person celebrating a extraordinary milestone.. It is about the precedent that is set and the need to one up the party that sets a negative tone. Often times it sets the child up to continually search for material possessions to make them happy. Hedonic adaptation is real.

This is just a different spin on what spectacular is. I wholeheartedly agree with this post! My son turned 1 at the end of January and while we threw him a party it was more of an opportunity to get all of our friends together for a couple hours none of my friends have kids… We live in San Francisco where space is a premium.

I just love entertaining. We sang happy birthday, Baby had a few bites of a cupcake and I have about pictures from that day. Perfect celebration — just enough to give her the idea that birthdays are special and to be celebrated.

LOL Love your blog, thanks for it. Our children are grown now, but the biggest roadblock for us was the overindulgent grandparents. My husband and I were the only adults to participate in the fun and it was a blast! We barbecued hot dogs and served water for the guests. I made cupcakes and even though we spent a few hundred dollars, I think it was worth it. All of our extended family got to spend the day together, see our new house and celebrate.

But she is totally convinced that kids are the most expensive creatures ever. Thanks for another informative post. You are most welcome: Just show her our monthly expense reports pre and post-baby… not much of a change!

The mega expense for many families is childcare, so I recommend researching options one of you staying home, part-time work, nanny shares, daycare, etc and making preliminary decisions about that ahead of time. It seems like Babywoods had a fabulous birthday!

It looks like she was born into a happy and cosy family she, and no expensive birthday party could ever replace that. My two siblings always do big parties for their kids. They are all 10 and under too. Private room rentals at restaurants for lunch, swim park parties, Jump Zone parties. Not sure how it got so out of control in one generation!

I recall only a couple birthday parties when I was a kid, generally I did not like being the center of attention.

I had a summer birthday and we had a pool at home, so that was easy. Hot dogs and chips, homemade cupcakes that I got to frost and sprinkle and swimming. There were gifts which was always awkward opening gifts in front of others, but even then I thought getting a Barbie was excessive and too much for my 10 year old self. Our birthday parties are cheap, too.

What a breath of fresh air. The money I see dropped at kiddie and baby birthday parties blows my mind. Oh the birthday party arms race.

I would love to hear what your readers do about gifts from friends. There is a trend here to use websites where parents give money and half goes to the birthday kid and the other half goes to the selected charity.

This cuts down on the amount of random stuff the kid gets but I think it puts pressure on the parents to spend more than they might normally and the kid can end up with a LOT of cash. With our park party I specifically said no gifts, just hand-made cards but my son was a bit sad on the day even though we had talked about how he was getting presents from his relatives and most of the parents pushed back a little and got him gift cards to toy shops.

Is there a happy medium out there? I adore that pink dress on that beautiful girl. As the mother of two daughters, I confess partiality to photos of darling baby girls. I am right there with you on birthday parties. Each guest was handed a themed gift bag filled with at least five dollars worth of goodies per child. I said no to all that and had close family only at the first party, with homemade ice cream, had family with a couple of little friends at the second birthday, a day at the park or a movie matinee at later birthdays, and so on, with the exception being their tenth birthdays, which is the age at which I declared the end of actual birthday parties.

After the age of 10, they could have a few girls over for overnight and movies on the TV or some other entertainment, which satisfied them entirely. Since the 10th birthday was the last party type birthday, I made it big with lots of kids. For one daughter, who has a hot summer birthday in the south, we told the kids to bring swimsuits and a towel, and we set up a homemade slip and slide in the yard with sprinklers and plastic, and filled balloons with water for a water balloon fight.

Dessert was cupcakes, also made by me. The kids had a blast. We grilled burgers, I made the sides again, and made a cake. Each time, I handmade the invitations out of paper I already had. The kids had so much fun with the hayride, I had two mothers tell me that their kids now wanted a hayride for a birthday party. Huge, lavish parties, catered cakes and treats, and lavish goodie bags are not needed to give a kid a really nice birthday party.

Your birthday party for Babywoods looks perfect. We did low-key family dinners with a homemade cake for years. We spend the day doing whatever it is they want to do. Last year the littles combined their birthdays they were born 2 years 9 days apart and we drove an hour to the nearest Chuck-E-Cheese. The party was just the 5 of us but they had a blast. The previous year he had crab rangoon instead of cake.

We have 9 kids, and they never even thought there was any other way but family style with a few gifts and all the family. For milestone birthdays we take just the birthday child out to a nice place for dinner which is a huge treat plus time alone with Mom and Dad. They also get a really big gift, usually some kind of life gift. My oldest son wanted a chainsaw for his 16th, which grandparents also chipped in for, as an example. We have also done hiking gear for our boys outside, house gear for our daughter who was engaged for her 18th, ipods for our music lovers.

All the girls in the family get their ears pierced on their 13th, so all the women troop over to a local shop, pick out earnings for the birthday girls, my mom got her second piercing with the first granddaughter to hit 13, then go home for cake.

Same kind of thing for the girls 16thwhen they can start wearing makeup. Then we all troop over to Ultra and watch them get make up applied and everyone buys an inexpensive bit of makeup. It has made for great memories, both types of parties, and all my kids refuse to eat store bought cake. Both sides of the family are pretty frugal, and my side likes to brag on what a good deal they got.

My kids know that amazing get in the box could easily have come from the thrift store, and the refinished desk certainly did, as did the complete series of Lemony Snicker. First Christmas, all my kids got an ornament, second birthdays are usually something like a flashlight, or spray bottles with water and a little broom and dustpan. I think that birthdays one through three are for the parents. Just like decorating a nursery is for the parents.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending months putting together the perfect nursery or with splashing out on a Pinterest perfect first birthday party as long as you can afford it, of course. My sons turned one and five this past November. When he gets older, we will do a separate party for him, but this year, we just made some cupcakes, sang him Happy Birthday, and let his big brother blow out the candle before the baby grabbed it by the flame.

For the five year old, he wanted a party in the park with all of his friends. I scheduled it at 3pm so no one would expect a meal. We put out snacks fruit, vegetables, chips, juice boxes and had cake. The kids ran around the park. For my five year old, the party was a big deal. He spent months talking about it, both before and after. The parties at play places are fun but maybe stressful in some ways?

So fun for the kids, but also exhausting. The parties at the indoor playgrounds are so loud and chaotic. The kids mostly run around on their own. My son barely sees the birthday kid the entire time. A tradition I started when my nieces each turned one, is every year on their birthday, I tell them the story of the day they were born. They LOVE to hear these stories every year.

I will take them one flower often a carnation or a tulip from my yard if they are blooming at the time to school when I pick them up. My husband and I used to own a cookie store, so we always make cookies for the girls to pass out to their classes. I will usually make them their favorite dinner often grilled cheese. And then they open presents. Babywoods is absolutely adorable. The pictures are great! And I think your cake looks scrumptious!

My mom almost always tells me about the day I was born on my birthday or whenever I talk to her near my birthday. I feel so very loved listening to her talk about that day. You did a lovely celibration! She is so cute… We live always did frugal too.

Why buying gifts for a one year old.. For our youngest we had a great fun gift when he turned two.. My oldest ones we have four children wanted to give him a present.. It was al playschool things, and not too big too. There where a kind of blocks with something inside them, a car set from sesame street and so on.

We let the oldest kids each give him one set, and he enjoyed to open the paper so much! Than they could all play together, of cource it was more attractive for our oldest children haha! The next birthday he got three sets of toys again and even when he turned four years old we had the last three sets to give to him. Talk about frugal haha! The toys all where special for his intrests and needs at that age and he and the other kids enjoyed the toys for years.

Nothing ever broke,as it was loved before and proofed to be strong. I still have some left at my attic for when other little ones come over to vissit us, and maybe for whenever we will become grandparents.

The other toys, my children sold at the fleamarket… Yes, frugal birthdays are so much fun! Then we went to a park for pizza and pinata, and the favors were dollar store kickballs. The parents raved about it, and the kids had a blast and learned something! The other year they celebrate at home with family and eating out at their choice of restaurant, along with a cake. What really bugs me is how out of control the party favors have gotten.

Sometimes I feel bad because I think the money spent on the favors probably adds up to more than I spent on the gift especially if I got a great deal on sale. Plus it is mainly full of plastic junk that is soon tossed. When did it become a thing to give kids gifts for coming to a birthday party?

In the past I have made and simply decorated sugar cookies as favors. I try to keep it small, simple and edible, so there is nothing left afterwards. What a fabulous day it looked like you all had! This was probably primarily a cost thing. Instead, we just had a family party at home. This always included a cake baked by my mum, as well as party food that we rarely got to eat. It was always a stress free and nice time. When I turned 10, I was allowed to take three of my friends to the movies. One stipulation, I had to take my sister who was two years younger than me.

The four of us are now incredibly close and I will always be thankful for that. My birthday is in January, during the Australian summer holidays. I was a bit jealous of people whose parents brought a cake or cupcakes into school on their birthdays! From memory noting this was at least 15 years ago , most of the cakes that came into school were homemade and we all enjoyed them just as much!

My kids are now 24 and 27, but at age one we took advantage of the chance to skip presents because they would not know the difference! Congrats to you on keeping things simple. Love the age-appropriate party. We always had 2 birthday parties growing up for every birthday — which we loved — and only now do I realize how cheap they were. We had one with relatives — big family that likes to get together and a birthday was just an excuse.

Growing up, we always served homemade pasta with red sauce and rolls, some salad or vegetable, and homemade cake. Or, add up the cost of say 3 lbs of pasta and homemade sauce, basic tossed salad plus scratch-made cake. For our parties with friends, we generally had some variation of outside free activities at our home, with activities based on age.

We all have warm weather bdays. Activities included things like obstacle courses designed by my dad, and got harder as we got older — run in and out among the 10 apple trees, jump over a log, etc, etc.

My dad would time the kids and our friends loved it. Kid with the fastest time won. This works even for junior high and h. Tons of other free activities — wheelbarrow races, etc. As we got older, the outdoor activity became a scavenger hunt or similar. The cake usually was a party activity. We had a recipe book that had instructions for several complicated cakes. A popular one was a huge castle: For younger kids, just give each a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bowl, and have cut-up fruit — ideas include slivers of bananas for bunny ears, berries for facial features, raisins for a nose, whatever the kids want.

For prizes — and as a kid I was embarrassed, until I realized that my friends all LOVED them — my mom just saved any like-new free little things that came her way. Sometimes we had a literal grab bag — all wrapped items and kids reached in and pulled things out.

Several times I was with my mom when she got a phone call from a fellow mom asking where she got the prizes, as their kid wanted the mom to get the same prizes for their party, LOL.

Never had both at the same party. Still remember the parties, plus tons of awesome pics. This might possibly be my favorite story you have done so far and you have some amazing ones! I also believe the same thing happens for weddings, baby showers, etc.

I love how you are raising babywoods. I never got these over the top parties for kids. When mine were small, all parties were at home -homemade cake and ice cream and games like picture lotto with cheap prizes. They still talk about that one decades later. One of the best parties I had for one of my sons was a Watermelon Party which we had at a park which was on the beach.

The children who were school age mostly played on the play equipment and then we had some simple active games we played on the beach. I love this post, and the setting of a lovely and simple birthday precedent. Once my boys started public school, I was shocked at the level of birthday party escalation among their friends and classmates. It was not something that we could, or wanted to, emulate. Until about midnight, when they all came back in and ended up on the living room floor!

One year my older son rode his bicycle downtown alone, at 7 am, to buy a bucket literally! That was pretty sweet. My boys are 4 and 5 years old. Thus far, we have only done close-family birthday celebrations and they have been both intimate and special. Being surrounded by those who love you more than anything in the world does just that. This also is the norm for the adults in our family, too. The cake is the most exciting thing for them and they have enjoyed helping to make their own cake since age 2 definitely have to document the fun of baking a cake with a 2 year old -precious photos!

We tell them the story of their birth right when they get up and again before going to bed. Reading a couple of special books we were given when each of them were born is also a part of the tradition. Birthdays are no exception. We let the season guide our food choices strawberry cake for the Spring birthday, blueberry for the Summer, etc. For two of those birthdays, we have had a larger celebration for all those family members with birthdays that month.

Last year, that meant my youngest shared a party with his uncle, great uncle, and grandmother plus we had his 87 year old great grandmother in attendance. He wanted everyone to have bubbles for the party so we made homemade bubble solution and bubble wands out of wire and twigs.

It was so much fun to see everyone from age 4 through 87 running and dancing around making bubbles in the bright Spring sunshine. Something I will never forget. We keep gifts simple and are glad that, so far, grandparents are on board with this philosophy.

As a family, we tend to value handmade over store-bought and family keepsakes over new items. Books are one area where we are less minimal. We home school and really value wonderful literature as one of the most enriching things we can have in our home. The one tradition I hold dear and selfishly want to continue as long as they will let me is taking photos of the boys in their birthday crowns. They each have wool felt, embroidered birthday crowns I made them for their first birthdays and I take a picture of them wearing them outdoors on their birthdays.

These photos are already some of most valued possessions and I am already glad I made those crowns a little big with room to let them out a bit and plan to make new larger ones, as needed.

They have taken to creating paper crowns for other family members as gifts for their birthdays — something that has been lovingly received by all. We have been to a few friend parties in the last year or two and I have been happy to see that they have, for the most part, been simple and apparently frugal affairs — parties at playgrounds with snacks and that sort of thing.

One party stands out, however. It was a party for a 3 year old boys who loved fire trucks. The party was at our local fire station. I have no idea if the parents had to pay or make a donation to the fire station but the firemen could not have been more kind and welcoming.

They gave a tour of the fire house. The parents had requested that each guest bring a wrapped book for a book exchange. That meant all the children, including the birthday boy, got one book to take home.

No other gifts, no party favors. The best part was seeing the children excitedly plop down on the floor of the fire house with their books and look at them together.

It was a great way to handle gift-giving and all the parents were very appreciative and much fun was had by all. Birthday celebrations are and should be very personal so no two people will agree on what is best to do. However, I think most would agree that the goal of such celebrations, for any age, is to let the birthday person know how very much they are loved and that, on the day they were born, the world became a more beautiful place. None of that has to cost a cent.

Those thoughts and feelings just need to be communicated in a meaningful and personal way. Then we showed a video and served hamburger or grilled chicken sliders, depending on what was on sale the week before! After the kids turned 16, we allowed them to decide what they wanted to do at an in-home party—pizza, videos, games. The odd thing is that both of them, even at 16, opted for cookie decorating, music and videos with sliders.

It was sort of sweet to see teenaged boys and girls, normally too cool to act happy, laughing and decorating cookies and singing along to Christmas music country music for the other child and watching some corny video from our collection.

As in Old Yeller or White Christmas! My daughter turned 2 today and my colleague asked me what we got her for her birthday. We asked our son what he wants for his 5th birthday in 2 weeks and his list is quite minimal, some Lego, a cake and a couple of other requests for lollies.

You made it one year. As a parent, nothing was probably more difficult than the first year of our first child. Back then, we still had hopes and dreams of being good parents that provided wonderful things for our kids. We have a winter baby and planned a sledding party. Generally, for small children, I would buy either books not necessarily new or clothes that I know they need. I put a lot too much!

I am totally with you on this! I have two kids, 6 yo and 3 yo. My 3 yo has not yet had a party. Not free, but we did get a groupon so it was cheap-ish and certainly less expensive than a party. My 6 yo, however, had her first party for her 3rd bday. She is a party animal and social butterfly and she loooooves presents. She starts talking about her next birthday party the day after her last one. I said she could invite 6 kids for her 6th bday party.

It was very hard for her to choose only 6. She sees other kids invite the whole class to their parties and she wants that too. I think it will always be about compromise for me and my daughter. I will probably always throw her a party since it is so important to her.

So we just invited a few people over to eat a homemade cake and admire our baby. We did buy her a gift: I have to admit that the first few parties we had for our children were a bit costly, but nothing extravagant. My youngest are 8 and 9 and this year, instead of goodie bags, I sent a basketball cookie baked and decorated by moi and the birdhouse craft that the girls decorated; the craft was bought years ago and I had forgotten about them..

And we had leftover pizza, ice cream and cake. I baked both cakes.. The parties were their gifts from us. Our older son is working part time at a pizza joint while he finishes college and we ordered a pizza his boss gave us a discount and we tipped him his bday money- easiest celebration as all 4 had bdays this month. We had so much fun! The last picture posted, of her being adorable in her beautiful pink dress, with the checkered boxes and flowers, is just perfect!

What more could a baby want? Parents forget that pictures should be personal. Our daughter loves balloons. So for her second birthday, the night before my husband and I went to the store and bought balloons. One was actually a helium-filled balloon, the rest were ones for us to blow up. So we did, then filled her room with the balloons.

We woke up the next morning to squeals of delight. Breakfast happened much later than usual because she spent the time to move every single balloon out to the hallway, then down the stairs to play with them. She spent most of the day—and the next—with those balloons.

And that was our only gift to her. We had a party with friends later took all the kids to the playground, then home for some homemade cake and snacks and it was tons of fun.

He wanted to go go kart racing and eat at a local steakhouse, we was able to do this for less than what we would have spent on a party and he truly enjoyed himself and less stressful for me.

I bought decorations at the dollar store and I did order a cake although I compared prices from several bakeries and selected one that was more budget-friendly.

For my daughters 1st birthday we invited all our friends and their children around and had a barbeque. It was a sunny day in England so we had to take advantage of it. Everyone brought food and we shared what we had. The children played in the garden, they made up their own games and had a great time. The adults just spent time talking, laughing and playing with the children.

We thought we kept it pretty simple, but I suppose it was pretty extravagant compared to yours. My husband and I have always been fairly frugal. We have three children.

They all had simple bare-bones birthday parties. We invited family, which included many cousins their age. It usually entailed a big pot of chili or soup and the dessert of their choice. None of them received gifts for their first birthdays or Christmas.

We adults usually sat around the kitchen or on the porch drinking coffee and talking, while the kids and cousins played hide and seek…or tag outside pending on the season. All three of our kids have grown up to be responsible adults who, while not always appreciating the frugal lifestyle growing up, see the worth of it now. All three of them know that they can be content with far less than the world would have you believe.

Birthday parties are a struggle around here. I love going all out and making their day extra special. So now we invite kids to activities outside of the home to do birthday parties bowling alley, amusement park, Micheals art and craft, etc. Yes, it can get expensive when you top that off with gifts bags why, oh why…! I have 2 kids, 5 yo and 7yo. Then we will have a private celebration at home with the family, keeping it casual.

This is just Awesome! Seriously that 1 year old can not be the cause of a banquet in the latest place in town. We had birthday parties at home and I loved those. Mom would cook and our huge extended family would come over for dinner. It is still the best memory ever. When we were old enough to have friends they were welcome too.

Thanks a ton for the banana cake recipe sugar free sounds amazing. We had a simple party for my gal when she turned 1 in April, we have a large extended family so we did a small BBQ lunch but still cost effective and everyone just visited and enjoyed lunch. I agree with much you say. But first birthdays are held because babies did not always live to see a year , and it is a milestone. I am now an old lady. I remember telling my parents and in laws not to spend so much on presents for a child , save it fr when they were Dont try to control relatives.

I did not spend tons of money most parties but a few dollars , some crepe paper , a wading pool , cupcakes and party hats go a long way. One year we had a do it your self taco party when she was about 11, it was a hit. School age children have their own interests,, let them plan an activity they enjoy and dont spend a million dollars, but budget ahead and buy supplies on clearance.

We are about to celebrate one year in late November with our first baby. So, I decided, no way! Instead, we are going for an hour long if that hike in an urban park 5 mins from our house.

Afterwards, everyone can come for cake cupcakes made by me , and hot apple cider maybe some mulled wine, too. Everyone will enjoy reflecting on just how much your little one has grown. Express your love, dreams, hopes, and wishes to the little celebrant. Wouldn't it be great if you were the one who predicted the career path at such a young age? The big one in pictures. With a little ingenuity, this first boy birthday photo display could easily become a topic of conversation. What a great way to share all the firsts.

My how you have grown. First of all, the celebrating should start at the front door. Do something different to record memories of your little one's big day. Guest books come in all shapes and sizes, so consider using the child's initial or a big number one. First Boy Birthday Party Favors. Memory like an elephant. This presentation of animal crackers will not be soon forgotten. It is true to the first boy birthday theme and the perfect treat for a one year old.

With a little help from Mom and Dad, the little party guests were suckers for this sweet treat. This is the party favor display that we made for our little Eason's 1st birthday party. We chose green pails and then lined the inside with a dotted tablecloth. Next, we placed a Styrofoam ball inside the pail and secured with tape. Shredded paper was glued to the Styrofoam ball. Then, we stuck the lollipops into the Styrofoam ball. These pails were placed on all the tables to serve as centerpieces.

This a closeup of the lollipops we ordered from Birthday in a Box. They were spot on and exactly what we had in mind, one of the highlights of the party. Whether using as party favors or in a centerpiece, you will not be disappointed. These three inch lollipops are individually wrapped and ready to personalize with a name or message.

When your receive your lollipops, just peel the stickers from the sheet and apply to the lollipops. We added some curly ribbon for extra pizazz. Any treat can be made sweeter with the presentation. One for the road. These take home treats will make the trip home a little more enjoyable.

The brown bag works beautifully with the blue color scheme. Buzz the Bee believes that every day should be as sweet as can be. We believe that Cheerios makes a great first birthday favor. If you truly want to impress a little boy, give him what he really wants. A sippy cup filled with treats fit for a toddler.

Throw in a surprise. These sippy cups are filled with cotton candy but could be filled with any snack. The details make the presentation extra sweet. Sippy cups are great for little ones at party time and everyday use after the party.

Choose the style and color that best fits the theme. Personalize with each child's name or label to your liking. Keep an extra on hand for someone you may have overlooked. Fun by the bucket. Having a good time is really what it is all about.

These buckets contain everything needed to get your party on. The feature of this table is the first birthday cake and the smash cake. Our cake was ordered customized to fit the dot theme and then presented in a unique way.

Dropping off a birthday plate to the cake decorator proved to be a good idea. All the colors were spot on. Attention to small details makes a big difference in the presentation of first birthday cakes. A smash cake is a four to six inch cake typically decorated to coordinate with the larger birthday cake. The child is allowed to play, eat, and destroy the cake while Mommy and Daddy take pictures.

It's fun and messy, but most importantly a memory you will never forget. Elevate your first birthday cake for maximum impact. We covered a sturdy box with a polka dot tablecloth and placed the cake on top.

Be sure to order an extra tablecloth for this purpose. The smash cake also received special attention. A styrofoam plate was turned upside down and shredded paper glued around the edges.

The smash cake was then placed on the plate making sure no glue or paper came in contact with cake. Make this birthday cake one to remember. Serve a cake like never before with four tiers of dots and stripes. Carry the dot theme element of your party décor into the cupcake. It's your little red wagon. If you decide to fix your little one's red wagon, here is a great cake idea. This cake stays true to the blue theme, with a striking contrast of red for the best possible result.

The individually wrapped cookies take it to the next level. Photo courtesy of Heather's Cakes and Confections. Teddy bears make all things better. The soft, whimsical look of this cake fits perfectly with the first boy birthday theme. Photo courtesy of Events by Elisa. Once in a blue moon, everything works together perfectly.

This cake commemorates baby's first birthday so sweetly. Fun to be one. A cake shaped like a number one is a great idea. Decorating like a favorite character is a touch of brilliance.

Photo courtesy of Cake Central. This cupcake inspires the color scheme as well. It strikes the perfect balance between keeping it small and celebrating big. The guest of honor always gets a special place to sit at their birthday party, and a one year old is no exception. Little ones are happier and safer in their own highchair.

Moms and Dads are happy with the special effects. Photo courtesy of Pinterest. What could be more fun for toddlers than sliding into a pool of balls? The older children will enjoy the slide, while the younger ones will be content just to sit outside and play.

Blowing bubbles is a favorite activity for kids of all ages. For those that are too young to blow the bubbles themselves, consider a bubble blowing machine or help from an adult. Easy Homemade Bubble Recipe. Make ahead of time, some bubbles get better with age. Store in an airtight container that is clearly labeled. The duck pond game is a simple game to play and organize. There really is no skill involved, simply pick up a duck and win a prize.

The prize corresponds with the number on the bottom of the ducky. However with a group this young and provided you have enough ducks, skip the numbers and make the duck itself be the prize.

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Buy Baby Girl First Birthday Shirt, 1st Birthday Outfit ( Months) on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Buy Classy Baby Boy First"one" Birthday Gray and White Party Crown: Shop top fashion brands Hats & Caps at FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases. A first boy birthday using the color blue as the focus is a classic approach. Blue doesn't have to be boring, updating with stripes or dots heightens the fun.